How To Get Started With Your Long Term Training:

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  • Infield Video IP and Equipment Liability Forms
    Infield Video IP and Equipment Liability Forms

    Please sign and either email it attached to support@abcofattraction.com or bring a signed physical copy at the start of the program if you would like to obtain and review infield footage of yourself.

Suggested Training Schedule

Week 1:

  • Social Circle & Lifestyle Training #1
  • Infield Night Game #2

Week 2:

  • Fashion Makeover #3
  • Infield Day Game #4

Week 3

  • Meta-Gaming #5
  • Infield Night Game #6

Week 4

  • Infield Day Game  #7

Week 5: BREAK! Practice on your own.

Week 6

  • Date Critique #8
  • Infield Night Game  #9

Week 7

  • Threesomes & Harem Management OR the Relationship Course #10
  • Infield Day Game #11

Week 8

  • Leadership Training #12
  • Infield Night Game #13

Week 9

  • Tinder & Online Dating #14
  • Other Electives: Sex Techniques (Sex Ed 101), Shit Tests, Pulling, Dominance, SMV, etc (see menu for additional classes)

Week 10

  • Record Infield Day Game Footage #15-16

Week 11: BREAK! Practice on your own. (Review all your infield footage and field reports)

Week 12

  • High Society Pickup #16-17
  • Graduation!!!

Recommended Products At The ABCs Of Attraction Amazon Store
(Fashion, Books, and Hygiene)

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Easy value adds are:

1) Crest White Strips (takes 1 week and you'll see instant results)
2) Elevator Shoes (if you're average to short height)
3) Jawserscizers to increase the muscular definition of your jawline.

You can also choose accessories to give yourself a little spice. A minimum of three looks is recommended (this will obviously depend on the kind of sexual archetypes you are trying to project, so take that into consideration as you don't have to copy them if you've already evolved your fashion identity): Badboy, athletic/daygame, and suited up gentleman.

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