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Do You Want To Know The Secret To Making Beautiful Women Want To Have Sex With You?

Hey buddy, This is JT Tran and I want to ask you an important question…

No matter what ethnic background you come from, the art of attraction is easier to master than you might think. Learn our raved-about “Holistic Game” from me (I’ve been called the Asian Playboy and “Asian Hitch”), and my team of highly skilled, result oriented dating consultants.

It’s easy to delay making the changes that you know you need to in your love life, but why wait any longer to attain the women of your dreams?

Come with an open mind, and leave the weekend not only a better seducer, but a better man.

Backed by our 100% Satisfication Guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain!

The world Famous "ABCDEF SYSTEM"


If there is something that defines and distills the core principal and philosphy of the ABCDEF Structure is a famous quote by one of my’s personal heroes and role models:

“Absorb what is useful,

Discard what is not,

Add what is uniquely your own.”

-Bruce Lee

How easy is learning how to attract the women of your dreams? Well, with us, it’s as easy as A, B, C!

We pride ourselves on understanding the diverse background of each of our students, and providing them with not only the knowledge, but also the practice, to get to where they need to be.

Learn from the Best Asian Dating Coach In The World and my hand-picked staff; with our 3-to-1 instructor-to-client ratio, you’ll get as much personalized attention as you can handle, and then some!

Instead of flooding you with boring and impractical theory, the ABCs of Attraction team has simplified the art of seduction into proven, easy-to-understand information and state-of-the-art psychological techniques so that you can skip the theory and go straight into – you guessed it – practice. So what does practice look like? The ABCDEF system is so powerful and effective that the team has been featured on ABC Nightline, NBC, LA Weekly, Harvard, Yale, and more, I can’t just give all of my secrets away.

I can, however, divulge the simple, 10-step structure of the bootcamps, that will have you talking to women you’ve only dreamed of by the end of the first day. Hope that helps. *cheeky grin* What follows is the structure of the 3-day, life-changing bootcamp… Read on!

fade-leftfade-rightDAY ONE



Before the bootcamp even begins, you will receive, AT NO ADDITIONAL COST, a pre-bootcamp package containing a full video seminar, mental preparation audio guide, and advance approach journal… all before our very first meeting!

This is for two reasons: We like our students to take accountability for changing their lives, and we find that this increases your investment and makes your commitment to change that much more real

Skip the fluff!

Since you can watch over 2 hours of seminar before the bootcamp even begins, by the time the actual day rolls around, we can jump STRAIGHT into practical, applicable implementation…

That means more action, and most importantly, MORE RESULTS for you! More bang for your buck, eh?

Just watching these videos will give you powerful insights into the mind of the women that you desire, giving you an edge over all other men.

Congrats on educating yourselves, mini-studs! You’ve just taken the first step in becoming the kind of gentlemen that women everywhere you want to be with.

Your Home Study Course includes:

  • Mission Journal
  • Openers and Approaches
  • Storytelling Preparation
  • Critical Evaluation Checklist
  • Fashion & Lifestyle Prep
  • Inner Game Audio Guide
  • Bootcamp Video Seminar

And the best part is, all of this is just a BONUS! NO other students of dating & attraction get this… prepare to leave the competition in the dust!


Buckle up as our top instructors walk you through two hours of the most game-changing knowledge to create instant and powerful attraction. Rather than sitting through a boring lecture, we have our students actively participate in a highly interactive seminar. You will learn and master:

  • The pre-approach
  • Overcoming approach anxiety
  • Internal dialogue/mindsets for the approach
  • Dominant and attractive body language
  • Dominance-enhancing, ABC classics, such as the Walk of Khan and the Kino Turn
  • How to read and adjust to her body language
  • Crucial improvisational skills (seriously, you NEED to know these!)
  • Attraction routines as well as how to banter & spike buying temperature naturally
  • How to get her to want to talk to you… NO MATTER WHAT!
  • Create INSTANT attraction and interest!

Even if you ONLY attended this portion of the bootcamp, you would STILL be able to approach more women than you ever have in your life! But you’re only at step 2… 8 more to go until you’re a total ladykiller 😉

Step 3: Night-Time Infield Portion

EPISODE ONE Go infield with the very best in the seduction community as they take you to the hottest spots in the city to charm the area’s most beautiful women. Receive instant feedback from top-notch instructors as they break down your successes and failures. You’ll notice every set get better and better as our coaches help you to correct things such as:

  • Bad posture
  • The approach
  • Conversational content
  • Attraction game
  • Vocal tonality
  • Number closing
  • Gaining compliance
  • Being the social leader
  • And much, much more!

STEP 4: The first debrief


No night of gaming is really complete without a proper debrief! Allow our internationally acclaimed staff to effortlessly break down your strengths and weakness, so you know both what you did right and what you need to improve on.

Not only will you be giving feedback, both positive and constructive, from your talented instructors, but you will also be educated on why debriefing is so important, and secrets of a debrief that can accelerate your Pick-Up learning curve by YEARS!

Afterwords, you’ll be given time to go home, rest up, and prepare for your life-changing second day.

fade-leftfade-rightDAY TWO

Step 5: The Modern Day Male Rite Of Passage or
“BOYS TO MEN” seminar

  • How to figure out her personality type and use it to your advantage
  • Ways to get DEEP… Fast!
  • Advanced BLP (body language positioning) tactics that literally NO OTHER COMPANY TEACHES!
  • Secret techniques to create intensely deep comfort and rapport
  • Advanced conversational tactics that will have her dying to figure you out
  • How to gain compliance for venue changes, dates, make-outs, and more!
  • How to get her thinking about you… Even long after you’re gone.
  • And – you guessed it – much, much more!

Once you’ve absorbed and practiced all of these techniques interactively, you’ll be ready to push the boundaries farther then you ever thought possible… Read on to find out how!

Step 6: Night-Time Infield Portion

EPISODE TWO During the second night of infield pick-up, your previous notions of what successes are possible with the opposite sex will be SHATTERED as you are pushed by our elite instructors to approach, attract, and even seduce the gorgeous women that you deserve. This night, the focus will be on more advanced aspects of game such as:

  • Advanced compliance
  • Isolating the girl
  • Sexual arousal and physical escalation
  • Make-outs
  • Venue changing
  • Setting up dates/day-2’s
  • Even taking her home with you!

As always, our instructors will watch and critique your every move, so that you excel rapidly beyond any other competition in the venue. Allow our team to push you, and you WILL emerge from this night a changed man.

Step 7: The Second Debrief

Similar to the first debrief, the second debrief tends to involve quite a bit more celebrating and euphoria, as the students realize that they have permanently shifted their paradigms for the better, far surpassing any expectations that they might have had for themselves.

Again, feedback will be given, and you will return (extremely tired) to your bed to rest up for the third and final day of the Holistic Dating Overhaul Bootcamp.


Step 8: The Ultimate Day Game

Deaf from the clubs? Travel with our instructors to the best daygame spots to learn how to properly meet, attract, and date women during the day. Topics of interest include:

  • How daygame differs from nightgame
  • What goes through a woman’s mind when she is approached during the day
  • How to get SOLID numbers that WON’T FLAKE
  • Taking a girl you meet on an instant date
  • Guaranteed ways to see her again
  • How your approach should differ in the daytime
  • Scouting a good daytime location
  • As always, much more!

While some students fear day game because it is more “out in the open”, our carefully trained instructors will insure that you and day game quickly become best friends.

Step 9: “CLOSING & CONTINUING” Seminar

This seminar is crucial in solidifying your newfound skill set, as well as providing valuable knowledge and advice as to what direction you should take in your personal development. Knowledge includes:

  • Isolation
  • Escalation
  • How to… *cough, cough*… “close” the girl
  • Dealing with LMR (last-minute resistance)
  • The trademark ABCs LMR 2-step
  • Dealing with (and figuring out) logistics
  • Fashion advice
  • Lifestyle advice
  • How to be a well-rounded man

In addition to dealing with Closing and Lifestyle, this seminar will also interactively cover daygame tactics and techniques to perfect your daytime dating!

Step 10: Post Bootcamp, 3 Month Package…

At No Additional Cost!

That’s right… At ABCs, even when the bootcamp’s over, it ain’t over! In order to ENSURE your success and FULLY CEMENT your newfound skills, we provide you with a comprehensive, 3-month, post-bootcamp package. That’s right: 12 weeks of interactive missions for you to fulfill, completely free of charge!

After this much individualized attention from these world-class instructors, you have no excuse not be getting the EXACT girls that you desire.

Congratulations on making it this far!


Q. Do you only teach Asian men?

A. Far from it! While it is true that the majority of our clients are Asian and other ethnicities (including Black, Latino, Indian, etc), a good 25% of our students are Caucasian. On one hand, JT (The Asian Playboy) is famous for teaching Asian men how to realistically deal with and cope with racism and prejudice in the dating arena, whether it comes from men or women. On the other hand, the ABCs of Attraction itself is a revolutionary new and holistic mode of Natural Attraction that is effective for EVERYONE.

Q. Does it matter what my current skill level is?

A. Glad you asked! The answer is: No, not at all. The Asian Playboy and his team have instructed students from all walks of life, from complete greenhorns to extremely advanced PUA’s that just wanted to gain that extra edge over the competition. No matter where you are at, ABCs of Attraction can help!.

Q. Why should I choose ABCs over other companies?

A. If you read the brochure thoroughly, you can tell that ABCs has a genuine investment in seeing each and every one of our students succeed with the women of their dreams. We teach a Holistic approach to game that is centered not on using flashy, gimmicky tricks to temporarily attract women, but rather on making yourself the best man you can be, and watching the women flock.

Also, if you are a minority, this is the ONLY dating company for you. No other company has such a culturally diverse staff that understands and sympathizes with the unique struggles that you endure in the arena of dating. Trust us to help you become the man you want to be.

Q. Is there an age limit to your bootcamps?

A. No – but with some limitations.

We teach men of all ages! You are never too old or young to start taking control of your dating life.We’ve taught men all the way up to age 65 and we couldn’t be happier to do so. This is because our system works for every type of age and background.

However, most of our Domestic bootcamp night portions takes place in a club or bar with age restrictions. If you’re under 21, we may not be able to accommodate you. There are different age restrictions for International clubs and bars so please ask.

We will be happy to have any underage gentlemen attend the daytime lecture portion only. The cost of bootcamp will be half of the normal cost because you will only be attending half. If you want an all-inclusive experience, we recommend taking one of our Daygame courses which has no age restrictions.


Don't wait on this. If you want to get killer game fast...and want to learn from the BEST pickup artist in the world....check the schedule above to see when JT is coming to the city nearest you and then contact us using the form below to reserve your space.


JT Tran

P.S. Any queries and bookings, please use the form below. A friendly member of the customer support staff will contact you within 24 hours to answer your question.

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A life-changing event.

P.P.P.S. Just imagine! In less than three short days you'll have the kind of game that most guys only dream of and you'll be getting the real world results that you've always wanted.

After you register, we'll contact you with a more detailed agenda and all the details of your Pre-Bootcamp Home Study Course. But for now, you can plan on the following...

You will want to arrive at the bootcamp location by 6:30pm on Friday night SHARP. The infield training (on both Friday and Satuday) technically finishes up around 2am with critique and debrief (depending on how the night goes).

On Saturday, we'll be getting started at 4pm. And we wrap up Sunday with day game at 1pm and ending at 8pm.

Do it. Contact us on the form above right now, you can choose from the following dates:

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